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Reservations for the Setouchi Cruising Tour in the spring of 2023 have started!!

With a mild climate, the sea and the beauty of the archipelago. The Seto Inland Sea from Takehara City where we live is exceptionally beautiful. Okunoshima, a national park that produced poison gas during World War II. There is a dark past that it was not even on the map, but now it is appreciated by visitors from all over the world as a paradise where rabbits fly around.

Take a tour of Tatara Ohashi Bridge, Keishima Island, and the many beautiful islands of the Seto Inland Sea from the sea

A trip through the beautiful Seto Inland Sea on a private cruiser is perfect for making memories with your loved ones. How about making fun memories with your friends and family?

Bamboo tour's original Setouchi cruising tour is a course where you board a ship from Okunoshima and cruise around Setouchi.

"Rabbit Year" Healing Journey on Okunoshima Hiroshima Television

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit! It seems that a new initiative has begun up to the historically valuable Usagiji that Takehara City is proud of. There are many spots that shine on the island. Please take a look at the feature of Hiroshima TV.

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