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Let's hop onto the Rabbit Island
Setouchi Cruising

About the Course

●Guided tour
●One-day sightseeing course with lunch
●Cruise around one of the world's leading cable-stayed bridges, Tatara Ohashi, and Gunkanjima (Chigiri Island) Privately chartered.
●Visit Okuno Island which is famous for a poison gas factory during WW2 and wild rabbit inhabitants.
●Taking a walk around the island for 4km (with a guide)
●Fresh Setouchi specialty, the octopus meal for lunch
●Optional:bicycle rental (from 600 yen)
●Optional:day trip bathing (550 yen for adults, 500 yen for children)
You will have time to explore the island individually
●Reservation from here is the best deal

Octopus greedy set meal.jpeg

Fresh Setouchi octopus greedy set meal

Travel fee (per person)

¥28,800 Charter for 2 people Price per person

¥20,000 Charter for 3 people Price per person

¥15,700 Charter for 4 people Price per person

¥13,100 Charter for 5 people Price per person

¥11,400 Charter for 6 people Price per person

¥10,200 Charter for 7 people Price per person

¥9,200    Charter for 8 people Price per person

Number of participants

2 to 8 people


On Okuno Island

scheduled time

09:30 - 15:00

Implementation date 

May to November (closed in winter)


lunch: Kyukamura Ohkuno Island

The meeting place

Tadanoumi Port

Reception deadline

2 weeks notice


09:30   Meet at Tadanoumi Port Move to Okunoshima by ferry


10:00    Tour of Okunoshima with a guide

12:00  Lunch, (You are free to explore on your own until cruising departure

14:00 Cruising departure from Okunoshima. Archipelago beauty tour

*Advance reservations are required. Please apply at least 1 month in advance.

*May not be available due to various circumstances.

*The tour fee includes lunch, guide fee, and insurance. Drink is not included.

​*This tour is only available during the summer from May to November.

*For safety first, we ask that you wear a life jacket while on board. 

*The boat may sway depending on the conditions on the day.

*There is a cabin on the ship, but please prepare warm clothes depending on the season.

*Water may splash on the deck of the ship.

* In case of bad weather, the captain may decide to cancel the tour.

■ If you would like to book, please contact us by phone or using the reservation form. We will check the itinerary and get back to you.

​■A reservation confirmation email and payment instructions will be sent to your email address.

■Reservation will be completed after confirmation of payment.

More information

Rabbit Okunoshima.JPG

Ohkuno Island

Also known as Rabbit Island. The island is 3 kilometers off the coast of Tadanoumi Port in Takehara City. The island used to produce a poisonous gas during the WW2 and now it is inhabited with wild rabbits. 

Tatara Ohashi Bridge Cruise.jpeg

Tatara Bridge

One of the world's leading cable-stayed bridges on the Shimanami Kaido, which spans the border between Hiroshima Prefecture and Ehime Prefecture. Bridge length 1,480m


Chigiri Island

At first glance, the whole island looks like a warship, hence the nickname 'Battleship Island'. Currently only the workers are allowed to land it and lead and silver imported from abroad are refined here.

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