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Takehara History Exploration Course

Unravel the history of Japan at Chozenji Temple

About the Course

●One-day sightseeing course
Historical Chozenji Temple, which was built in the Kenkyu era (1190-1199), guide included
● Furnishings and Japanese garden of historical Chozenji Temple
●A full-fledged vegetarian kaiseki meal for lunch
● Sutra copying experience
●At the Ishiyama Battle Memorial Hall, you can appreciate exhibits of great historical value, such as the statue of Amida Nyorai, which is made in the Kamakura period.
Stroll through the Edo period townscape preservation district​, which has been designated as a Japan Heritage Site and an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings
●Taxi included within the tour
●Reservation from here to have the best deal


Takakage Kobayakawa, the 14th head of the Takehara Kobayakawa family

精進料理 Shojin Vegan cuisine
vegan sushi

Chozenji Buddhist cuisine

Shojin ryori is a meal created by ascetics who strictly discipline themselves based on Buddhist precepts such as "not killing living things and avoiding earthly desires'' in order to ingest the minimum necessary nutrients. Eating has also been considered an important part of the process.
However, Beautiful and delicious meals served in the graceful garden.

The elegant Chozenji vegetarian cuisine made with seasonal vegetables and natural seasonings is more than you can imagine. 

Why don't you try this amazing experience for refreshing your mind and body?

Travel fee (per person)


Number of participants

1 to 8 people



scheduled time

10:00 - 14:30

Implementation date and time

Every Tuesday and Wednesday


Lunch at Chozenji

The meeting place

Roadside Station Takehara

Reception deadline

one week before

Main sightseeing schedule

10:00   Meet at Takehara Roadside Station
Experience copying sutras at Chozenji Temple and visit the Ishiyama Battle Memorial Museum with a guide


11:30    Lunch Shojin kaiseki cuisine with a view of the magnificent folding screen and Japanese garden [Chozenji]


13:00 Walk through Japan Heritage [Takehara Townscape Preservation Area]
Morikawa Residence, Matsuzaka Residence, Saihoji Temple, Fumeikaku

*Advance reservations are required. Please apply at least one week in advance.

*May not be available due to various circumstances.

*The tour fee includes lunch, guide fee, taxi fare during the tour, and insurance. Drink fee is not included.

*Admission to paid facilities in the Townscape Preservation District is not included.

■ If you would like to book, please contact us by phone or using the reservation form. We will check the itinerary and get back to you.

​■A reservation confirmation email and payment instructions will be sent to your email address.

■Reservation will be completed after confirmation of payment.

About Takehara

Little Kyoto 'Aki's Takehara' 

The Townscape Preservation District was designated as one of the 100 best urban landscapes in 2019. Japan heritage was also certified.

Takehara was built in the Heian period by the Konden Einen Private Property Law. It is said that it was first cultivated as a manor land by Shimogamo Shrine, Kyoto. 

In the Muromachi period, Motonari Mori Takagage, the third son of Morimoto, was adopted by the Kobayakawa family. Takakage Kobayakawa has spent his childhood in Takehara. Takakage was one of the people who supported the Mouri clan by receiving the Teachings of the Three Arrows from Motonari Mouri.

Fumeikaku 寺
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