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What is Bamboo Tour?

Based in Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Bamboo Tour opened in 2019 as a regional travel agency.

"Region-limited travel agency" is a travel agency that sells only travel products within the municipality where the business office is located, neighbouring municipalities, and areas designated by the Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency. We would like to provide travel products that are closely related to the region and full of local attractions that cannot be offered by major companies.

Director: Ryuji Doi​

History and background leading up to the opening

In 1992, Ruiji Doi became the president of the Takehara District Football Association and a special director of the Hiroshima Football Association, after spending his twenties making the most of his own football experience, and working closely with the local community.

He established a comprehensive regional sports club with his friends, to tackle problems such as declining birthrate, which makes it harder for children to form sports teams in school. He also raised awareness that it's more beneficial to have grass-covered sports grounds at schools.

In 2006, he became chairman of the  non-profit organization Bamboo Sports Club, and started managing and operating Peacely Home Bamboo Comprehensive Park. He planned marriage-hunting events through sports and developed various public interest activities for the purpose of healthy lives for young people. In 2017, he received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Commendation in recognition of his long-term contribution to the region. In addition, he has received the Hiroshima Prefecture Athletic Association Physical Education Award, the Hiroshima Prefecture Football Association Award, and the Takehara City Athletic Association Distinguished Service Award.

In 2015, as the vice chairman of the Takehara City Tourism Association, he launched "Machi no Eki Takehara" as a business of the tourist association, and interacted with local business owners to revitalize the town. Machi no Eki project was decided to be continued by volunteers after he left his position of the TCTA.

In 2018, he was frustrated that TCTA was inactive and had the urge that 

"If things go on like this, nothing can be done!"

Bamboo Tour was established the following year, with his love for his hometown and the wellness for people in Takehara.

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