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At Japan Heritage
Takehara Workshops Tours

About the Course

●One-day excursion course
●Experience 3 workshops in the Takehara Old Townscape Preservation District
●Plant based special Lunch at Botanica included
●Workshop 1: Arrangement of edible flowers into organic vegan cookies
●Workshop 2: Experience ceramic making in a pottery workshop
●Workshop 3: Make a bamboo windmill with a craftsman at a bamboo workshop
Stroll through the Edo period townscape preservation district ​which has been designated as a Japan Heritage Site and an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings

●It is an original course only available for bamboo tour.

Botanica lunch of the day (vegan)

Travel fee (per person)


Number of participants

from 2 people

Tour conductor


Conducting Time

from 10:30

Implementation date

Every Friday


Lunch at Organic Table Botanica

The meeting place

Organic Table Botanica

Reception deadline

one week before

Environmentally Friendly  Experience

Vegan Flower Cookie Making and Vegetarian Lunch

At Organic Table Botanica, you can experience making delicious plant-based flower cookies that are good for your body and the planet. This is only available from Bamboo Tour. You will be served their popular vegetarian lunch (meat dishes available). The cookies contain only healthy ingredients such as sake lees from local sake breweries, nuts, coconut oil, without white sugar, butter nor eggs. By choosing, you can contribute to the green planet and the welfare of the animals.  Veganism is now spreading all over the world!

Bamboo Pinwheel Making 

Recently, the J-pop group, Arashi became obsessed with the Takehara bamboo pinwheels. Bamboo is attracting attention as an eco-friendly material recently. It is light and easy to bend. It's traditionally been used for baskets and toys since ancient times. While there are concerns about the environmental and health impacts of petroleum-based plastics, it's good to know the potential of bamboo while interacting with a local bamboo craftsman legend.

Hand-Pinching Pottery Making

At Pottery Studio Fudo, you can make pottery by hand. The method of hand-pinching is to roll the clay into a thin stick and layer it to create a shape. Cheaply mass-produced tableware is not well made and they tend to break quicker. 

 But if you experience making ceramics by hand, you will understand that it takes a lot of processes to make a single bowl. Then you will look after it and it will have a longer life.

Walking Though the Townscape Preservation District

Takehara is known as 'Little Kyoto' because of its history of prospering as a manor of Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto during the Heian period. The Townscape Preservation District has been selected as an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. The old townscape is made of natural materials such as local wood and soil to cope with its climate. It is a well-known fact that wooden buildings emit less CO2 during manufacturing, and the more they continue to be recycled also makes them more eco-friendly. The warmth of nature and the beauty of its history can be found here.


10:30 Meet at Organic Table Botanica
Vegan flower cookies workshop. Then have lunch.
13:00 Pottery workshop at Fudo
14:30 Bamboo workshop making a pinwheel 
15:30 Walk around the townscape preservation district 

*Advance reservations are required. Please apply at least one week in advance.

*May not be available due to various circumstances.

*The tour fee includes the cost of materials for the workshops

*The ceramics will be sent to your home two months after the pottery workshop. Shipping fee will be charged separately.

​*Lunch and insurance are included.

■ If you would like to book, please contact us by phone or using the reservation form. We will check the itinerary and get back to you.

​■A reservation confirmation email and payment instructions will be sent to your email address.

■Reservation will be completed after confirmation of payment.

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