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Feel the sea breeze and start rowing
Sea Kayak and Paddle Board Experience
in  Setouchi Sea

About the Trip

 We will start Kayaking from the sandy beach in front of Cafe Hoxton. This area was the stage of the movie  "Sea of Eden" based on Satoshi Wakasugi's original novel. The sea is calm and beautiful with the islands dotted around. You might get lucky with the sunset especially in winter which sets right in front of  Cafe Hoxton.

 The instructor from the Takehara Paddleboard Sports Association will assist you throughout the course to make sure you have a safe excursion.

 For dinner, you will be served a special pizza set including a soft drink and some salad. Cafe Hoxton is famous for its location and the architecture. Their panoramic sea view is a must to see.

Kids older than 7 years old are welcomed.

Cafe Hoxton's pizza set (with salad and drink)

Travel fee (per person)


Number of participants

2 to 6 people

Tour conductor


scheduled time

Summer 15:30-19:30 

Winter (from November)


Implementation time

Every Saturday


Dinner at Cafe Hoxton

The meeting place

Cafe Hoxton

Reception deadline

17:00 the day before

Main sightseeing schedule

15:30 Meet at Cafe Hoxton  >>  Change of clothes and a safety orientation
16:00 Start Kayaking or paddle boarding from the sandy beach
18:00 Dinner at Cafe Hoxton

*Advance reservations are required. Please apply by 17:00 on Friday the day before.

*May not be available due to various circumstances.

*Includes insurance 

■ If you would like to book, please contact us by phone or using the reservation form. We will check the itinerary and get back to you.

​■A reservation confirmation email and payment instructions will be sent to your email address after the confirmation.

■A reservation will be completed after confirmation of payment.

hoxton テラスからの眺め.jpeg

Cafe Hoxton is a cafe restaurant that overlooks the Seto Inland Sea.
Enjoy special time with the ship-like architecture and tasty menu.

ウオームアップ パドルボード たけはら 広島 瀬戸内海.jpeg
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