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More short courses added

At Takehara's Japan heritage, we have prepared a number of half-day courses where you can enjoy a workshop tour in the old townscape preservation district in a few hours. You can enjoy making vegan flower cookies, pottery, and bamboo windmills that Arashi used in JAL TV commercials.

It's not like you can't go out during the cold days in winter. We offer many workshops in Takehara where we live in a warm climate of the Seto Inland Sea and where we have lived a cultural life since ancient times.

In the beautiful old townscape preservation district, you can still find sake breweries that have continued since the Edo period, and buildings from the Meiji and Taisho periods that have been renovated.

At Saryo Ichie Japanese Cafe, there is a tour where you can enjoy our original snack set in the VIP room on the second floor. Anmitsu, soy milk raw chocolate, homemade rice crackers, bracken-starch dumpling, and matcha green tea. And best of all, it's all handmade. The owner is also a tea ceremony teacher, so she offers authentic matcha green tea. The fittings and atmosphere of the place, which used to be a beautiful inn, have a beauty and wabi-sabi spirit that is not found in today's architecture. It's not just your imagination that being surrounded by trees makes your mind and body healthy. Please spend an elegant time in the luxurious wooden architecture.

In addition, when it comes to eating out these days, most of the menus use mass-produced livestock products that have a large burden on the environment, but our proposes meals using plant-based ingredients.

Chozenji's Buddhist cuisine is based on Buddhism, so it has the meaning of training to be gentle and not to indulge in greed. However, Chozenji's beautiful Japanese garden, luxurious rooms, and vegetarian dishes served on beautiful tableware are not only delicious, but also very sophisticated.

Organic Table Botanica sells special botanica's vegan lunch, cookies and muffins using only plant-based ingredients. On our tour, you can make vegan flower cookies with your favorite design. While the cookies are baked the Botanica's special lunch will be served. Why don't you spend a pleasant, gentle and beautiful time in the special seats on the second floor where you can see Fumeikaku in front of you?

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