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Play with Japan Heritage
Pottery and Japanese cafe

About the Course

●Short excursion course
●Experience ceramic making in a pottery studio Fudo 
●Have a beautiful break at Ichie's VIP room including the special snack set
●Fudo the pottery studio and the Ichie Japanese Cafe are located in Japan Heritage Site.
●It is an original course only for bamboo tours.

Ichie Snack Set Special Vertical.JPG

Saryo Ichie special snack set (with drink)

Anmitsu, soy milk raw chocolate, bracken-starch dumpling, special hail, matcha green tea

Travel fee (per person)


Number of participants

2 to 6 people

Tour conductor


scheduled time

From 13:00

Implementation date and time

4th Friday of every month


Lunch: None

​Snack: Saryo Ichie

The meeting place

Pottery studio climate

Deadline for reception

two weeks ago

Environmentally Friendly  Experience

Hand-made pottery experience

At the pottery studio Fudo, you can make pottery by hand. The method of hand-making involves rolling clay into thin sticks and stacking them to create a shape. Cheap, mass-produced tableware is not taken care of and is easily thrown away, but if you experience making them, you will understand the difficult process that goes through the process of making just one bowl. Above all, we feel attached to things we have made ourselves and want to use them with care.

Stroll through the townscape preservation area

Takehara is known as ``Little Kyoto of Aki'' because of its history as a manor of Kyoto's Shimogamo Shrine during the Heian period. The symbol of this is the townscape preservation district, which has been selected as a nationally important preservation district for groups of traditional buildings and has a calm atmosphere. The old townscape is built from local wood and earth to suit nature and its climate. It is well known that wooden buildings emit less CO2 during manufacturing, but the fact that they continue to be recycled is truly sustainable. The warmth of nature and the beauty of its history can be found here.

Japanese cafe special snack set

Saryo Ichie has renovated the 100-year-old former Isobe residence inherited from its ancestors into a Japanese cafe.

As you pass through the gate, which looks like a historic samurai residence, you will be greeted by Japanese sweets made mainly from plant-based ingredients that will soothe your mind and body. The special snack set is a special menu that can be enjoyed only with a bamboo tour that comes with a drink. You can enjoy it in the VIP room on the second floor, which is usually not open to the public, and is unique to Bantu. Takehara coffee, salted candy, and karinto produced by Saryo Ichie are perfect as souvenirs.

Main sightseeing schedule

13:00 Pottery experience, hand-making at Fudo pottery studio
14:30 Saryo Ichie Japanese cafe break Afterwards, free stroll around the old townscape of Takehara

*Advance reservations are required. Please apply at least one week in advance.

*May not be available due to various circumstances.

*The tour fee includes the cost of materials for the workshops

*The ceramics will be sent to your home two months after the pottery workshop. Shipping fee will be charged separately.

■ If you would like to book, please contact us by phone or using the reservation form. We will check the itinerary and get back to you.

​■A reservation confirmation email and payment instructions will be sent to your email address.

■Reservation will be completed after confirmation of payment.

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